Prevention of spreading of chemical and biological substance through the building ventilation system. Creation of a favourable atmosphere inside the building. Improving the quality of service.


Create a safe and healthy atmosphere inside buildings. AL equipment is meant for places where people come together: offices, shopping malls, cinemas, public spaces, etc.

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AL purifiers remove all mechanical, microbiological, and chemical pollutants. Our systems completely destroy and inactivate all types of microorganisms, including strains resistant to UV-C radiation and ozone.

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AL solutions support hotel operations by providing a healthy indoor air environment for guests and employees 24/7. This is accomplished directly through building ventilation systems or in individual rooms – through our standalone devices.

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Indoor air quality plays an essential role in classrooms. With AL air purification systems students stay sharp all day and are protected against airborne infections.

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AL solutions for restaurants are designed to minimize carbon deposits and remove smoke and all kinds of odors from the kitchen’s exhaust air. Our solutions allow guests to enjoy a nice and pleasant atmosphere. Additionally, a restaurant’s neighbors are not disturbed by the kitchen’s emissions.

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