Air purification
and disinfection

Solutions for critical environments

AIRLIFE SWISS provides air cleaning and disinfection solutions for critical environments like hospitals, clean rooms and the food processing and pharmaceutical industries. We clean the air of all mechanical, microbiological and chemical pollutants.

manufactured in Switzerland


Create a safe and healthy atmosphere inside buildings. AIRLIFE SWISS is for places where people come together: offices, restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas, social facilities etc.

Educational facilities

Indoor air quality plays an essential role in classrooms. With AIRLIFE SWISS, students stay sharp all day and are protected against airborne infections.


AIRLIFE SWISS removes all chemical, microbiological and mechanical pollutants like dust, smog, allergens, unpleasant odours, viruses and bacteria. Our systems completely remove and inactivate all types of microorganisms, including strains resistant to UVC radiation and ozone.

Our application areas

Air Cleaning System Airlife SA

Stand-Alone Devices

AIRLIFE SA units are autonomous and do not require a connection to a ventilation system. They recirculate and clean the air of all types of pollutants. The stand-alone units eliminate allergens and kill all types of microorganisms, such as fungi and mould spores, viruses and bacteria, including organisms resistant to UV and ozone. Effective also against SARS-CoV-2.

Airfilter Ventilation Extension Airlife C

In-Duct Solutions

AIRLIFE С systems are designed to be integrated into a mechanical ventilation system. They clean supply/exhaust air of dust, smoke, allergens, viruses and bacteria and remove unpleasant odours. AIRLIFE C solutions can also be installed into existing ventilation systems without major upgrades thanks to a low-pressure drop filter.

Laminar Airflow Ceiling Airlife LAM

Laminar Airflow Ceilings

AIRLIFE LAM products provide sterile unidirectional airflow. They protect the workplace from pathogenic microorganisms, mechanical particles and hazardous substances.

Prefilter Particle AIRLIFE C
Aerosol Charger Airfilter AIRLIFE C
Electrostatic HEPA Filter AIRLIFE C
Photocatalytic Air Filter AIRLIFE C
UVA emitter Air Purification AIRLIFE C
Adsorption-catalytic combined filter AIRLIFE C

Air cleaning technology

Our unique patented technology for air purification and disinfection – the foundation of all AIRLIFE air purifiers – is the result of research collaboration with the world’s leading universities. Approved by independent laboratories and used daily in all types of environments. With this technology, AIRLIFE purifies the air of all types of pollutants – aerosol, chemical and microbiological.


The prefilter (M5) captures all large particles and prevents them from entering the next filter elements.

Aerosol charger

The aerosol charger creates a symmetrical electrostatic field inside the element, ensuring 99.8% efficiency when charging aerosol particles measuring between 0.1 and 100 µm at the maximum linear airflow velocity of 3 m/s.

Barrier electrostatic HEPA filter

The barrier electrostatic HEPA filter (E11-H14) traps aerosols, smoke and dust particles measuring over 0.1 µm, adsorbing unpleasant odours, toxic substances and harmful microorganisms.

Photocatalytic filters

In the photocatalysis process, all gas air pollutants (unpleasant odours, toxic gases, allergens, viruses, bacteria) are adsorbed on the photocatalyst surface and decomposed into simple, harmless components (carbon dioxide, water and atmospheric nitrogen) as they are exposed to soft UV radiation. Instead of accumulating on the filter, the pollutants are fully decomposed.

UVA emitters

UV radiation provides the energy that activates the photocatalyst. AIRLIFE air purification systems are equipped with emitters producing radiation waves of 320-400 nm (UVA) that are safe to be used around people for an unlimited time.

Adsorption-catalytic combined filter

The adsorption-catalytic combined filter prevents leakage of harmful substances by adsorbing them on the surface of a catalytically active modified coal sorbent. The patented technology of the filters – combining the adsorption and photocatalysis effects – improves catalytic adsorption and ensures that the adsorbent is catalytically active and that it regenerates during operation.

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